Poll Shows Strong Support For Wave Energy On Oregon Coast

Sep 27, 2012

Residents along the Oregon Coast are big supporters of wave energy, according to survey results released today. Developers have identified Oregon as one of the best places in the United States to install wave energy buoys.

The survey asked coastal 400 residents, from Tillamook to Brookings, what they thought of building new infrastructure in the ocean to capture energy from waves. 78 percent said they supported more development. Support dropped to 61 percent when people were asked about development in their communities.

Adam Davis is with DHM research, the firm that conducted the poll. Davis says wave energy appeals to Oregonians for three reasons.

Davis: “A clean source of energy that’s better for the environment would be number one, number two would be it helps to make us more energy independent, and three would be jobs.”

The survey was paid for by the Oregon Wave Energy Trust, a non-profit group that’s promoting the technology.

Little is known about the impact of wave energy technology on fish and other marine life.

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