Poll Finds High Awareness Of Stormwater Pollution In Northwest States

Oct 17, 2012

Residents of the Northwest see urban stormwater runoff as a top source of water pollution, according to a poll commissioned by EarthFix.

The poll was conducted by DHM research. It listed a number of sources of pollution, like industrial waste, agricultural chemicals and sewage. And it asked people to pick the most significant source in their state. The top choice was polluted runoff from paved roads and rooftops. It got 25 percent of the vote.

John Horvick with DHM Research says in the Seattle metro area, the concern over stormwater runoff was even higher.

“Until recently, factories, point source pollution, would have been people’s number one. So this is a change. We’re seeing more and growing awareness about stormwater pollution."

Residents in Idaho saw things a little differently. There, more people named chemicals and fertilizer from agriculture as the top source of water pollution.

The poll had a margin of error of about five percent.

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