Police Department Hoping To Stunt Growth Of Crime In Spokane

Jan 4, 2013

In the final week of December, seven homicides occurred in Spokane. Chief of Police Frank Straub says crime in the city is on the rise. Paige Browning reports.

In all of 2012, 14 homicides took place in Spokane. That’s up from four in 2011, and seven in 2010.

“Yeah I think it’s a scary statement about where we are as a nation," Straub says. "We settle arguments now by going from zero to 100. We take out a gun, and we shoot people. That’s unacceptable behavior. The police department is going to do what it can to end that behavior.”

The department’s tactic in 2013 will be to zero-in on hot spots. They will use stronger, real-time crime statistics software, and will closely watch members of gangs.

Straub says the public can help too.

“If you’re at a party, and there’s a disturbance, go home. Pack your stuff and go home," he says. "If you feel so upset or threatened, call the police.”

Police have arrested suspects in three violent crimes that occurred the week of New Years Eve.

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