Oso Landslide Survivor Talks About When It Hit

Apr 9, 2014

Twenty-five-year-old Amanda Skorjanc survived the Oso landslide.

Today she gave an emotional description of the slide from her room at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

She says her partner Ty had just given her and her five-month-old son Duke a big family hug.  Then he left for the hardware store.

She says she heard an incredibly loud sound. Then, the house began shaking.

She thought perhaps it was an earthquake but didn’t see anything out her side door. Then, she looked out the front door.

“It was like a movie," said Skorjanc.  "Houses were exploding. The next thing I see is a neighbor’s chimney coming into our front door. I turned and held Duke and I did not let him go.”

She and Duke were found about 600 feet away from the spot where their home had stood.

They were trapped in a pocket between a couch and a La-Z-Boy chair.

She couldn’t move her arm because it was broken.

Rescuers could pick up her baby.  But they used two chainsaws to cut through the stuck furniture to get her out.

She was taken to safety on a helicopter.

Both she and her son are doing well.

Among other injuries, both of Skorjanc’s legs were broken and one of her arms.

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