Oso Landslide Donations: No More Socks, Please

Apr 3, 2014

The Oso landslide in Washington state has taken the lives of 29 people. More than a dozen are still missing and the gruesome search to find victims goes on.

President Obama has declared the landslide a major disaster.

That’s a big boost to the local community.

Officials are urging those who’ve been affected by the slide to register with FEMA, the agency overseeing disaster relief.

There’s possible housing assistance, unemployment programs, and..funeral expenses for those who need it.

Meanwhile, donations keep pouring in from all over the world.

But officials like Lt. Richard Burke with the Bellevue Fire Department say, please, monetary donations only.

"It’s amazing the outpouring of support in small town USA. They come out. Their fire stations are full of socks and food and people show up with truckloads of stuff," said Burke. "It’s been wonderful. It’s helped them get through this but we need to slow that down because they don’t have anyplace else to put it."

There’s even an overload of diapers but, truly, nowhere to put them.

Monetary donations are accepted through a myriad of organizations like the Red Cross and the United Way.

Anyone affected by the landslide is encouraged to call 1-800-621-FEMA.

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