Oso Landslide Could Be Deadliest Disaster In State History

Mar 27, 2014

Washington Governor Jay Inslee has acknowledged the Oso landslide could be the deadliest natural disaster in state history. 

Rescue workers are combing the site of a massive landslide near Oso, Wash.
Credit Maj. Tawny Dotson Washington National Guard

So far 25 people have been confirmed killed and as many as 90 remain missing. If the ultimate death toll reaches 100 that would eclipse even the 1910 Stevens Pass avalanche that hit two trains.

“We do know this could end up being the largest mass loss of Washingtonians, but whether it is or is not it does not change on how we are approaching this," says Inslee.

Inslee says that approach is to mount a full-scale rescue effort. He adds that any one loss is a tragedy. Inslee made his comments after a bill-signing ceremony at the Capitol in Olympia.

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