Oregon's Unemployment Rate Increases To 8 Percent

Aug 13, 2013

Oregon’s unemployment rate increased slightly to eight percent in July. This is the first time the jobless rate increased this year. 

The latest figures indicate a two-tenths increase in the unemployment rate. The federal government estimates that Oregon's private sector expanded by about 4400, but government shed approximately 3500 jobs. In total, 900 new jobs were added.

Nick Beleiciks is a State employment economist. He says the unemployment increase may be primarily due to recent job seekers not finding work.

“An example of this would be students leaving school for the summer, looking for work, but unable to find a job. Another possibility is, as people seeing that we are adding jobs and the economy is starting to recover, they might think their prospects of getting a job are better. So some people who stopped looking for work, could be looking for work now" says Beleiciks.

Employment in leisure and hospitality increased the most, by 2300. The trade, transportation, and utilities industries also added jobs, but construction dropped.

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