Oregon's Unemployment Rate Falls To Eight Percent

May 14, 2013

Oregon’s unemployment rate dropped from 8.2 percent to 8 percent last month. That’s the lowest mark in nearly four years. Estimates from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate nonfarm jobs rose by 3,700 in April.

Nick Beleiciks is an economist with the Oregon Employment Department.

“Over the last year we’ve seen kind of average job growth, which ends up being a little disappointing because we’d like to see more jobs being added coming out of the recession," Beleiciks says. "However, the good news is it looks like job growth has picked up a little bit in the last four months.”

Beleiciks explains that Oregon’s unemployment rate has been dropping since April of last year. The most recent figures, after adjusting for seasonal patterns, show that more than 145,000 Oregonians are still unemployed.

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