Oregon's Unemployment Rate Edges Up

Sep 17, 2013

Oregon's unemployment has rate edged up slightly for the second month in a row. It now stands 8.1%.

In Augest the number of jobs in Oregon actually increased by around 4,500 jobs.
Credit Andreas Klinke Johannsen / Flickr

The number of jobs in Oregon, that is the non-farm payroll, actually increased in August, by about 4,500. But state economist Nick Beleiciks says the number of people looking for work also increased, pushing the unemployment rate up.

He says it's a pattern the state has seen during the summer for the past couple of years.

"These could be students getting out of the school year, starting to look for work, but not finding work, or it could be folks who have been sitting out of the labor force for a while, decided that the job situation was improving and started looking for work, but haven't found a job right away" says Beleiciks.

Oregon's unemployment rate has been trending down since it hit a peak of about 11.5% back in 2009.

Economists hope the reversal of the last two months is only temporary. The private sector actually added 3,800 jobs in August, marking 11 months of gains.

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