Oregon's Recovery Uneven Around The State

May 22, 2012

Oregon's economy is recovering slowly but steadily according to the latest forecast from state economists. But not all parts of the state are along for the ride.

Some economic indicators are looking up in Oregon. That's according to state economist Mark McMullen. But he told state lawmakers that even though the pace has been slow statewide, it's even worse once you get away from the Willamette Valley and the Columbia Gorge.

Mark McMullen: "About an hour south of the Columbia River, we've seen no job gains since the worst of the recession."
That statement rings true for Grant County Judge Mark Webb. He says his county just hasn't recovered from a downturn in the timber industry.
Mark Webb: "We're rather isolated both in terms of transportation and geography. So we're kind of on our own out here."
Grant County's unemployment rate is among the highest in Oregon, at just over 13%. In Washington state, the highest unemployment rates are also found in rural counties.

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