Oregon's Graduation Rate No Longer Worst In U.S.

Oct 20, 2015

Oregon no longer has the worst graduation rate of any state in the country, according to federal data out Monday. But the grad rate is still among the worst.

Oregon's 2014 graduation rate was 72.5 percent. That was almost three points higher than the previous year, when Oregon was the worst of any state.

Oregon's improvement from 2013 to 2014 was largely the result of including two new categories of students as "graduates," students with special needs who earned modified diplomas, and students who delayed receiving a diploma in order to pursue low-cost college credits.

The 72.5 percent graduation rate elevates Oregon to 47th in the U.S. - above Alaska, Nevada, and New Mexico.

State Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction, Salam Noor, said he is "proud of the work Oregon schools are doing to prepare each and every student for life after high school."

Washington also moved up a few spots to 38th in the nation, with a 2014 graduation rate of 78.2 percent.

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