Oregon's Ashton Eaton Wins Gold In Men's Decathlon

Aug 9, 2012

At the London Olympics today, Oregon's own Ashton Eaton placed first in the Men's Decathlon, coming in just shy of the Olympic record. That achievement earned the 24-year-old Eaton not only a gold medal, but also the ceremonial title of "World's Greatest Athlete."

Eaton was the favorite going into these games, after he shattered a long-standing world record at this summer's Olympic trials in Eugene.

Eaton held the lead through all 10 events. A crowd packed into the Tower Theater in Bend to watch Eaton to cross the finish line in the final 1500 meter race.

In the crowd was Dave Hood, Eaton's track coach at Mountain View High School in Bend.

Hood: "It means so much for us right here, but I think for the whole region. I mean, I think folks in the whole Pacific Northwest were cheering for him because he's an Oregon boy."

But that now images of Ashton Eaton with the flag draped around his shoulders have circled the globe, the Pacific Northwest will probably have to get used to sharing Eaton as America's son.

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