Oregonians Entitled to Refunds In DOJ Settlement With Internet Retailer

Sep 6, 2013

The state Department of Justice has reached a settlement with an online retailer accused of defrauding Oregon consumers of more than a quarter million dollars. 

Florida based Best Brand Values has agreed to refund the money to more than 5000 Oregonians who unknowingly signed up for a shopping club that billed them ten to twenty dollars a month.

People buying discounted books and movies from the Best Brands site as well as several affiliates were automatically enrolled when they clicked on a blinking icon that said “free shipping.”

Jeff Manning is with the state Attorney General's office.

“It’s wrong and they’re taking advantage of people, often taking advantage of elderly people, and it’s evil" says Manning.

Manning says the company has agreed to change its websites to more clearly warn consumers about membership fees. And it will pay $300,000 to a Justice Department consumer protection fund.

Best Brand Values reaches similar settlements with the states of Iowa and Florida.

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