Oregonians Can Report Environmental Complaints Through New Online System

Oregonians who want to report a possible environmental problem to the state can now do so through a website and hotline.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has always fielded citizen complaints, but it was an antiquated system that was not centralized. Now, they have an online database for staff to better track cases. The public can use the new online form or hotline to report perceived environmental violations. Dave Belyea with the DEQ in Eugene says they will respond to the person with an update on how the situation is being handled.

“But we realize that some of these complaints are sensitive and it might even involve a neighbor of somebody who’s doing something or a former employee of a business. So people can report it either anonymously, or we can keep their information confidential.”

Since the DEQ unofficially rolled out its new system two months ago, it has received more than 400 complaints. The agency gets as many as 3,000 environmental grievances each year. They expect that number to increase as the public begins utilizing the online form. The state will soon launch an app as well.

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