Oregon Wildlife Commissioners Revise State Wolf Plan

Jul 15, 2013

Oregon wildlife managers approved a plan Friday to allow ranchers and wildlife enforcement officers to once again kill wolves that prey livestock. EarthFix reporter Aaron Kunz explains.

  Oregon’s wildlife commissioners revised the state's wolf management plan. It allows Fish and Wildlife officers to resume killing wolves that are a danger to livestock. Ranchers could kill wolves caught in the act of preying on cattle or sheep.

The agreement reflects a year’s worth of compromise from ranchers to environmental groups like Oregon Wild. Steve Pedery is Oregon Wild’s conservation director.

Pedery: “Everyone from the conservation community to the livestock producers to the state wildlife managers are really on the same page right now. And there is really not other state in the country that is in that position on wolves.”

The revisions to the wolf management plan will allow game officers to kill wolves but only as a last resort. The new provisions also require the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to report its actions to the public.

This plan is very similar to Washington’s. In Idaho, ranchers and wildlife managers don’t have as many requirements in order to kill wolves.

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