Oregon, Washington In Top 10 Energy Efficient States

Oct 3, 2012

Northwest states lead the nation in energy efficiency, according to a new report out today.

For six years Oregon and Washington have broken the top 10 in state energy efficiency rankings. Oregon ranked fourth in the country. Washington wasn’t far behind at eighth. Idaho was in the middle of the pack at twenty-second.

Ben Foster wrote the report. He says Pacific Northwest states fared well for a couple reasons. For one, utilities are doing a good job getting customers to switch to less energy-consuming appliances, heating, and cooling systems. And many cities have building codes that require energy-efficient construction.

Foster: “A lot of the innovation that happens with policies and programs happens at the state level and is sometimes adopted at the federal level.”

For that reason, Foster says, the studied highlighted Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber’s 10-year energy action plan.

This year, Massachusetts ranked first. Mississippi came in last. The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy conducted the report.

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