Oregon Teen Faces Charges In School Attack Plot

May 27, 2013

An Oregon teenager will be in court Tuesday on charges that he was planning to set off bombs at his high school. The court appearance comes on the same day that students return to West Albany High School for the first time since police uncovered the alleged plot. Correspondent Chris Lehman reports.

  Prosecutors say they found a half-dozen homemade explosive devices at the Albany home of Grant Acord. Police say they acted on a tip that the 17-year-old was methodically planning what could have been a deadly attack on teachers and classmates. The materials found included pipe bombs, a Molotov cocktail, and a bomb made with drain cleaner. Acord is scheduled to be charged as an adult in the alleged attack plot.

Meanwhile, police say they've thoroughly swept the West Albany High School campus for additional devices. They found none. The school's principal is telling parents that if their child has any additional information about the incident to contact police.

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