Oregon Special Session Heads Into Day Two

Oct 1, 2013

Oregon lawmakers will return to the capitol Tuesday as a rare special session continues into its second day. The action stalled Monday as legislative leaders worked to round up enough votes to pass a package of bills on taxes and public pensions.

Most of the debate Monday was behind closed doors. Lawmakers were deciding whether to support the deal that was agreed upon by Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber and four top legislative leaders. The deal includes a series of targeted tax hikes and tax cuts. It also trims cost of living increases for retired public employees. That part has public worker unions out in force at the capitol trying to block it. Rob Sisk is president of SEIU Local 503. He urged lawmakers to reject the measure.

Sisk: "This is not only wrong, but morally wrong. It breaks a promise to workers who had counted on that promise to map their entry into retirement."

Both the House and Senate will convene this morning as lawmakers weigh possible changes to the bills. Kitzhaber has said he won't sign any of the special session measure unless all of them come to his desk.

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