Oregon Secretary of State & FBI Looking Into Republican Party's Automated Calls

Nov 7, 2016

Oregon’s Secretary of State and federal investigators are looking into automated calls made by the Oregon Republican Party.  County clerks started hearing from Democratic and unaffiliated voters last week about calls raising doubts about their eligibility to vote.

Secretary of State Jeanne Atkins says that can be a form of voter suppression.

“A good many people were confused by the messages that they received, and concerned about it, and confusion does sometimes result in people opting out,” Atkins said.

Oregon Republican Party chair Bill Currier says they were contacting Republican voters – and some who might lean that way – to make sure they were up to date.

“That’s a stretch. This feels partisan to us, and it feels to us like the actual suppression that they claim that we are doing,” Currier said

The Democratic Party is pushing for Republicans to reveal its list of contacted voters.

Currier says the list is private until investigators show a legal basis to hand it over.

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