Oregon Sec. of State Reacts to Open Republican Primary

The Republican primary for 'Secretary of State,' 'Attorney General' and 'Treasurer' will be open -- for the 2012 election. Party chairman Allen Alley says the Oregon GOP is telling voters: they're wanted. even if they’re not registered Republicans.

Secretary of State Kate Brown, a Democrat, cheered the announcement. She said both parties should fully open their primaries because more than a fifth of the electorate doesn't have a voice in choosing party nominees. But logistically, she's not sure how it can be done.

Kate Brown: "The challenge is how do we do a portion of the partisan races out to the non-affiliated voters, that's the challenge."

Brown says she'll have to come up with a solution within a couple of weeks.
Republicans did not open their presidential primary, legislative primaries or local races to non-affiliated voters.
The executive director of the state Democratic Party says Democrats haven't decided yet what to do in this year's primary.

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