Oregon Man Sues Wind Farm Developer

Aug 12, 2013

After years of complaints, one Northwest man is suing an energy company that built a wind farm near his home. Residents have complained that noise from the turbines is affecting their health.

For about four years Dan Williams says he suffered headaches, dizziness, and loss of sleep. And he says it was all caused by the wooshing of wind turbine blades near his eastern Oregon home. Williams and several neighbors brought complaints to the Chicago-based wind developer Invenergy and Morrow County officials. The county ruled Invenergy had violated state noise standards. But Invenergy officials say the county is misreading Oregon’s noise ordinance. Williams’ is asking for compensation for physical and emotional distress and for his home. He says his property value has dropped since the wind farm was built. A recent study by the Oregon Health Authority found that wind turbine noise affects people differently. The assessment recommended siting turbines properly, as well as addressing community concerns before construction begins. For Dan Williams’ part, he opted to move away from the wind farm about a year ago. His attorneys say the court date will be sometime next August.

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