Oregon Leaders React To Proposed Education Rules

May 31, 2016


Public comment opens this week on federal education rules that could affect everything from money for Oregon schools to the role of standardized tests.

Nationally, the American Federation of Teachers has questioned the draft rules’ approach to standardized tests. A national group representing school administrators struck a much more supportive tone for the proposal.

Oregon leaders have been more cautious. They don’t have to respond right away, since the comment period is open until August 1st.

The Governor’s office says top education officials are reviewing the rules.

Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici says she wants to review the rules with educators, parents and state leaders. But she made a point of mentioning a proposed requirement for local involvement in school improvement plans.

The president of the statewide teachers union, Hanna Vaandering downplayed the rules’ current language, saying they are “suggested draft regulations, still subject to public comment, and are far from final.”

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