Oregon Lawmakers Question Health Insurance Exchange Director

Nov 20, 2013

The head of Cover Oregon is acknowledging the troubles of the health insurance exchange. But Rocky King described the system as “unfinished”, rather than “broken.” Oregon lawmakers are questioning King Wednesday in hearings on why Cover Oregon has failed to sign up even one customer. Salem Correspondent Chris Lehman says despite the troubled rollout, King's job doesn't appear to be in immediate jeopardy.

"He did have a meeting in front of the Cover Oregon board last week. And they put him on notice, if you will, to get things moving. Lawmakers don't directly have the power to get rid of him. They certainly have the power to make him uncomfortable.," says Lehman. 

King says Cover Oregon workers are making progress in processing paper applications. But he says it's clear at this point that the website won't be fully functional until after the initial deadline to sign up for health insurance, Dec. 15.

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