Oregon House Control Likely To Return To Democrats

Nov 8, 2012

Democrats are optimistic they have won the majority in the Oregon House. The chamber has been evenly divided for the last two years, and both parties campaigned furiously to break the log jam.

Photo of democratic Oregon House Representative Tina Kotek.
Credit Photo Credit: Oregon State Legislature

Portland Democrat Tina Kotek said Tuesday night she's still looking at the vote tallies cautiously. If Democrats do win a majority, she's poised to become the next House speaker.

Kotek: “ We're very interested in working with our colleagues across the aisle to get things done for Oregon. We've done it before, we're gonna do it again. We'll be in the majority setting the priorities but we want to work with everyone.”

In addition to making gains in the evenly divided Oregon House, Democrats appear to have also kept control of the state Senate in Salem.

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