Oregon Higher Ed Board Raises Tuition For Most Students At State Schools

Jun 1, 2012

Oregon's Board of Higher Education voted Friday to raise tuition for most students at state supported schools. The increases vary from place to place. And for Portland State University, for example, the adjustment means a 1.4 percent reduction in tuition and fees. But for Southern Oregon University, it's a 9.9 percent increase in tuition.

University system staff pointed out that the state has cut funding for higher education by 16 percent for the coming fiscal year.

Board members like Lynda Ciafetti say they saw few options.

Lynda Ciafetti: "I truly empathize, and I know the other committee members do as well, with the hardships this is going to cause. I also am painfully aware of the escalating costs to run our institutions. But until the state increases its investment toward the actual costs, the institutions and this board will continuously find themselves between a rock and a hard place."

Board members say they're frustrated by costs associated with retirement benefits and health care. They say those costs are largely beyond their control.

Two student board members voted against the package. All other members voted to approve.

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