Oregon Grad Rates Improve, But 1 in 3 Still Fall Short

Jan 30, 2012

Oregon's high school graduation rates inched up slightly last year. But as Rob Manning reports, thousands of young people who endure four years of high school don’t have a regular diploma to show for it.

67 percent of freshmen who entered high school in 2007, earned diplomas last spring, after four years in school. The other thirty-three percent are not all dropouts. Many of them got alternative diplomas, or GED's. But education experts say the goal should be to have as many students as possible earning the more rigorous, standard diploma.

Statewide, there’s an achievement gap with minority students, but it's narrowing. The four-year graduation rate for Native American students is 51 percent. That's a little better than a year ago. Nearly 52 percent of African-American students earned standard diplomas in four years – that's four percent better than a few years ago.

Hispanic students also improved. Their graduation rate is 57 percent.

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