Oregon Governor’s Panel Will Explore Logging Proposals for Railroad Lands

Oct 12, 2012

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has created a panel to try to end a stalemate over federal forest lands that once belonged to a corrupt railroad. Amelia Templeton explains.

Almost a hundred years ago congress seized about 2.5 million acres of forest from the O and C railroad. Today the O and C lands are managed by the feds, but Oregon counties get half the profits from timber sales.

Tom Tuchman is Governor Kitzhaber’s forestry advisor. He says the tree thinning that’s currently taking place in the O and C forests doesn’t provide enough income for rural counties.

Tuchman: “The governor’s been very clear he’d like to see increased logging levels from today. The question is where, when how and under what conditions would you do that.”

Kitzhaber’s panel is made up of county commissioners, environmentalists, and timber industry reps. He’s asked the panel to report back with a legislative proposal for the O and C lands in January.

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