Oregon GOP Tries Write-In Strategy To Fill Two Nominations

May 15, 2012

Tomorrow’s Tuesday’s primary election in Oregon could include some write-in candidates for two statewide offices. The state GOP is encouraging its members to fill in names for state Treasurer and Attorney General. As Salem Correspondent Chris Lehman reports, it doesn't take much to win a write-in nomination.

No Republicans are on the ballot for these two races. So the Oregon GOP quietly launched a campaign to convince its members to write-in the names of two candidates: James Buchal for Attorney General and Tom Cox for Treasurer. Buchal is a Portland attorney who specializes in property rights cases. Cox ran for Oregon governor 10 years ago as a Libertarian. He says he hadn’t planned to run for Treasurer this time but he's happy for the GOP's backing.

Cox: "The Republicans have made me very welcome. And I plan to use the Republican Party as a vehicle to offering up my value system to the voters."

Think you need a lot of votes to win a write-in campaign? Not really. In fact, two years ago Democratic state representative Lew Frederick won not only his own party's nomination, but the Republican nomination as well. He did that on the basis of just three, count 'em three write-in votes.

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