Oregon Gleaners Celebrate 40 Years Of Feeding The Hungry

Mar 11, 2013

Oregon’s fertile land provides a bounty of nutritious food that gleaners collect to feed the hungry. They are celebrating forty years of service in Oregon.

Gleaners gather food that has already been harvested or isn’t going to be harvested. They also get it from grocery stores or other commercial food operations. The goods are shared with the community and food banks. Thousands of people belong to gleaning organizations throughout the state, many of which are in the Willamette Valley. Sharon Thornberry with the Oregon Food Bank says it’s a great way for low-income people to get food.

“For example, in Linn and Benton County last year there were nearly 8,000 people involved in gleaning groups. So we do have a lot of low-income Oregonians living out the pioneer spirit of Oregon by helping themselves to provide food security for themselves.”

On Tuesday, gleaners will visit the state capitol to celebrate forty years of food collecting. They’ll also urge legislators to pass Senate Bill 430. It would allow farmers and others to claim a tax deduction for food they donate to gleaners and hunger-relief groups.

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