Oregon Is First In Nation To Offer Specialty Wine Country License Plate

May 14, 2012

Beginning Monday Oregon drivers can purchase a wine country license plate. The additional cost will benefit tourism marketing.

There are specialty license plates for salmon, Crater Lake, culture and other causes. Now Oregon is the first in the nation to offer one touting the state's wine industry.

"It is a beautiful painting of vines and rolling hills and blue sky and kind of all the best things about visiting wine country in Oregon," says Charles Humble from the Oregon Wine Board. The new license plate will cost a little more than a standard one.

"Well that money will go into a grants program that's being administered by Travel Oregon, which is the Oregon tourism marketing group," Humble says. "And the grants will be given to groups interested in promoting both wine and food tourism around the state."

Humble says there are more than 500 wineries in Oregon. According to a recent study, the industry contributes more than $2.7 billion a year to the state's economy and provides more than 13,000 jobs.

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