Oregon Elections Officials Warn Of Misleading Robocalls

Nov 4, 2016

Oregon elections officials are warning voters Friday about misleading robocalls that have been reported to the authorities. The robocall warns Oregonians that there might be something wrong with their voter status.

“A review of voter registration records in Lane County indicates that your voter registration may have been marked ‘inactive,'" The Robocall said.

Lane County clerk Cheryl Betschart says she’s gotten a number of calls from worried voters. She says all of them were properly registered, and some had already voted.

“This isn’t just Lane County, it has been reported throughout some additional counties. We don’t want people alarmed," Betschart said, "We want them to call if they have a question, or to check OregonVotes.gov. If they are active and registered, and certainly if they have voted, then they know that they’re good.”

The Secretary of State’s office has asked justice officials to look into the “apparent voter suppression scheme.”

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