Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio's Reaction On Syria

Sep 4, 2013

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved a measure today giving President Barack Obama the authority to carry out a strike on Syria. This comes after allegations that chemical weapons were used by the Syrian government. 

Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio.
Credit United States Congress / Wikimedia Commons

Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio says he appreciates the route the President has taken on the matter but he will likely to vote against an attack on Syria when the vote comes to the House.

“I appreciate the fact that the president has come to Congress. For years, I've been trying to fix the War Powers Act. In fact, I'll introduce a bill as soon as we're back to not make it discretionary under any president in the future. Under the constitution, in my opinion, they must consult before engaging in a proactive military action. And that's what this is: it's proactive" says Defazio.

Congress will likely see a vote next week as congress decides what action, if any should be taken in Syria.

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