Oregon Congressman Hopeful About Bill That Will Raise Revenue For Counties

Aug 19, 2013

Congressman Peter DeFazio says despite a "do-nothing Congress" he expects his O & C legislation will pass in the House and Senate this fall. The Springfield  Democrat spoke with reporters Monday.

The Oregon and California lands are federally owned and unique to Oregon. DeFazio wrote a bill with fellow Democratic Congressman Curt Shrader and Republican Congressman Greg Walden. It would set aside one million acres of old growth forest to be protected while increasing logging on the remaining O & C lands. DeFazio says the bill will create jobs with the revenue from logging going to beleaguered counties.

"To move this forward, it's critical. The counties need a long-term, predictable, sustainable base of revenue" says DeFazio.

DeFazio says the current Congress is the least productive in history. But he believes it's possible to move this legislation forward. The bill passed the House Natural Resources Committee last month. DeFazio says the bill also has the support of Ron Wyden in the Senate.

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