Oregon Celebrates Power Plant Run On Commercial Food Waste

Oct 16, 2013

Oregon's first utility-scale facility to turn commercial food waste to electricity is up and running in Junction City.

The new power plant in Junction City turns food waste into electricity.
Credit bluebike / Flickr

The "J-C Biomethane" plant captures methane from decomposing food waste and turns the gas into electricity. Its 1.5 megawatt capacity is enough to power half the homes in Junction City.

Matt Krumenauer with the Department of Energy says it's the first project of its kind in Oregon and breaks ground nationally.

"We think it's the first of its kind in the country
that's using primarily municipal food waste to generate not only
renewable electricity, but also recover nutrients that are then applied
to some of the farms nearby the facility" says Krumenauer.

Krumenauer says a compost facility next door processes some of the byproducts. That facility also has trucks delivering material into urban areas. Those can bring back food waste on return trips.

Government funds paid for more than a quarter of the plant's $16 million cost.

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