Oregon And Washington Sign Agreements Related To CRC

Jun 5, 2013

Oregon and Washington have signed mitigation agreements with two of the three industrial companies whose business would be disrupted by the Columbia River Crossing. April Baer reports from Oregon Public Broadcasting.

  Ann Lininger of Oregon Iron Works confirmed her company has reached an accord with both states. The company makes metal components for projects in energy, transportation, and several other fields. Lininger says the bridge height posed problems for shipping products out of the company's Vancouver operation. She says the agreement will help preserve jobs at that plant. 

Lininger: "We hope to achieve some efficiencies, find ways to do our business a bit better, more efficiently in some regards, so we can compete effectively for jobs through adaptations we'll make, and so that we can compete in addition, for some new categories of jobs."

Lininger wouldn't confirm the cost of the agreement. The CRC's permit application to the Coast Guard estimates the value of lost profits for all three industrial companies somewhere between $30 million and $116 million.

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