Oregon And Washington Senators Want An Earlier Afghan Exit

Mar 8, 2012

All four U.S. Senators from Oregon and Washington and 20 of their colleagues are asking the Obama administration for an expedited end to the war in Afghanistan. Two Republicans and one Independent Senator are part of the group. Some Democratic Senators declined to sign the letter.

Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden says the goal was to ensure Afghanistan doesn't fall by the wayside amid concerns about other priorities like Syria and Iran.

Wyden: "Those issues have clearly taken attention away from making a dramatic break with our policy in Afghanistan from a combat role to a very different approach, that's based on a counterterrorism strategy."

Wyden says he can’t talk much more about what the U.S. strategy in Afghanistan might look like, because of confidential briefings he's received in the Senate Intelligence Committee. But he says the U.S. must move into a different role soon.

President Obama said today recent protests against American forces illustrate the need to transition out of the country. He did not mention any changes to the current timetable for a 2014 pullout.

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