Opera Goes Modern With Game Of Thrones And Breaking Bad

Aug 18, 2014

Opera is sometimes seen as stuffy, old-fashioned, even a little... you know. Elitist. But some operas are working to change that. Opera on Tap in Seattle works to make opera part of our musical pop culture, and Washington's Lyric Light Opera performs popular musicals such as the Music Man, and even adaptations of Beauty and the Beast.

They're not the only ones working to merge opera and pop culture. One World Symphony in New York has performed an opera based on the TV hit Breaking Bad. And it has upcoming performances based on Game of Thrones, Hannibal, and the Zooey Deschanel comedy New Girl.

"People fell in love and acted silly 200 years ago, and they probably did the same silly things we do now. Today we write pop songs, hip-hop, rap. Back then they wrote arias, symphonies, operas."

That's Sung Jin Hong, artistic director, composer, and conductor for the symphony. He also says Game of Thrones has the elements of great opera. "The show has all the drama, intrigue, and passion that operas have been providing us for centuries: seduction, obsession, deception, political manoeuvring, romance, heartbreak, incest – to name a few."

The Game of Thrones opera will be performed in February. You can read more here.