Olympic Hopeful Is Also An Entrepreneur

Jun 20, 2012

Two Eugene-based athletes competing in the Olympic Track and Field Trials, which start this week, are also entrepreneurs. Lauren Fleshman and fellow runner Stephanie Rothstein have a two-year-old business making dairy and gluten free energy bars.

It's been a rough year for Lauren Fleshman. The two-time 5,000 meter champion has a leg injury. At a press conference Tuesday, she was open about the situation.

"I'm under no delusion that I'm in the best 5k shape in my life," Fleshman says. "But I've also concluded it's still something worth doing and my challenge now will be to go to the line and be courageous in a situation I'm uncomfortable with and try to get 100 percent out of myself when there's a huge unknown. So, I actually look forward to it, it'll be cool."

Fleshman says her husband's dairy and gluten intolerance inspired her business called "Picky Bars."

"We married those two things," she says. "The pickyness of what you're looking for with the energy demands of being active and made a picky bar."

Fleshman says her business is doing well, with more than 350 members in its mail order club. Lauren Fleshman competes in the 5k at the Olympic Track and Field Trials at Hayward field. Her event is Thursday, June 28.

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