Ocean Salmon Fishery Closures Proposed To Protect Klamath River Fish

Mar 13, 2017

The West Coast is on track for a meager and potentially disastrous salmon season. Fishery managers today/Monday proposed closures and severe cutbacks protect a record-low run of Klamath River fish.

Salmon returning to the Klamath River are main driver of fishing seasons off the coast of central and southern Oregon and northern California.

Protecting those salmon could mean closing fishing seasons across large swath of the ocean.

The decision falls to the Pacific Fishery Management Council.

Butch Smith leads the board’s salmon advisory panel. He says the season options coast-wide look bad enough to qualify for a disaster declaration. “At best you’re talking fisheries a quarter of what they normally are," Smith said. "So, there will be a lot of coastal communities hurting this year from the loss of salmon.”

The Council will take public comment on a set of proposed options before setting the seasons next month.

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