Obama's Portland Visit Met By Protestors

Jul 24, 2012

President Barack Obama is in Portland this afternoon. He arrived late this morning and met with members of the Oregon National Guard.

The president also made a stop at The Gateway Breakfast House in Northeast Portland, where he greeted diners and sat at a table with three Oregon veterans.

A group of conservative protestors met downtown before the president’s arrival in Portland. They’re with Americans for Prosperity. They’re calling for loosening environmental laws to allow more coal and timber exports.

Other protestors outside the Oregon Convention Center chanted and held signs for a number of different causes. Some protested drone strikes, others are promoting pot legalization. Some are opposed to money being spent on the military.

Marion Ward is a member of Veterans for Peace.

Ward: “I am very concerned about all the money that’s being spent on the military and wars of aggression.”

The president is expected to speak to supporters inside the Convention Center Tuesday afternoon.

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