Number Of Consumers Affected By Data Breaches Up Six Times From Last Year

Oct 11, 2017


If the recent Equifax data breach has you thinking it’s getting harder to protect your personal data, the Washington State Attorney General said you’re right.

Almost three million people in the state had their information compromised. This comes from a report that tracks data breaches over a year-long period, from July 2016 through this past July. Attorney General Bob Ferguson said there were twice as many data breaches, and six times the number of consumers affected compared to the previous year.

“The majority of these data breaches come from intentional entities trying to maliciously go in and get information from companies as opposed to an accidental release of information,” Ferguson said. “So that is the world we live in now, where entities go in and try and get this personal information and use it to profit.”

Ferguson said the number of Washingtonians who’ve been subject to a data breach is actually higher than three million. That’s because state law only requires businesses and governments to notify the attorney general’s office after 500 or more people have been affected.

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