Nuclear Watchdog Group Skeptical About Commercial Waste Benefit

Dec 5, 2012

A nuclear watchdog group says it’s skeptical about a new set of recommendations that could result in more nuclear waste coming into Idaho.

Credit Photo Credit: Aaron Kunz

On Tuesday Liz Woodruff, a spokeswoman with the Snake River Alliance, issued the group’s first reaction to Monday’s draft proposal from a task force on nuclear energy. It calls for the reconsideration of a 1995 agreement with the federal government that caps the amount of nuclear waste that can enter Idaho.

Woodruff says, she doesn’t think the state can grow enough waste-cleanup jobs to justify the environmental risks of bringing more spent fuel to the Idaho National Laboratory.

Woodruf: “There is a lot of work to do to solve the nuclear waste problem but there is not a role for Idaho to play right now that brings us any benefit.”

The task force report on Idaho’s nuclear future is available online and the public can submit comments on the report through January 4th.

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