Northwest's Only Commercial Nuclear Plant Launches Publicity Campaign

Apr 20, 2012

The utility Energy Northwest is launching a new TV ad campaign to improve the image of nuclear power. But as correspondent Anna King reports, the ads touting nuclear energy as green might be a tough sell.

Energy Northwest operates the only commercial nuclear power plant in the region. It’s called the Columbia Generating Station in Richland.

But nuclear power just isn’t on most Northwest residents’ radar. So says John Horvick. He’s a pollster with DHM Research in Portland. He says based on his firm’s surveys, there’s keen interest in sources like wind, solar, tidal and biomass.

John Horvick: “We’re not really picking up a lot of interest in nuclear or a lot of opposition either; it’s not as a top-of-mind issue as some of those other sources are.”

Energy Northwest spokesman John Dobken nuclear power is a steady source of electricity that doesn’t pollute the air. The Columbia Generating Station is going through its federal relicensing process.

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