Northwest Woman Gets Second Chance At Olympic Boxing

Jun 19, 2012

Some of the best sports stories are about second chances, and this week a female boxer from Seattle got her second chance at Olympic gold. The international governing body for boxing awarded Queen Underwood a wild card spot at the first-ever tournament for women’s boxing in the Olympics.

Queen Underwood figured she was out. After beating her American competition in Spokane, the lightweight lost an international qualifying bout in China by a single point.

Queen Underwood: “I was like a helium balloon and I was slowly deflating … and, if you would have seen me jumping around, running around yesterday it’s like -- I got my air back.”

Underwood talked with reporters on a conference call the day after she got the word from USA Boxing: She’s going to London, through a wild card selection.

Sarah Deming writes about women's boxing and is following the historic competition for NBC. She says the American boxers face some big talent and fast jabs from China, Russia, Ireland and the home team, England.

Sarah Deming: “But I think if a few stars can emerge from London 2012, from the women’s ranks, it could reinvigorate boxing.”

The London Olympics are set to begin Friday, July 27.

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