Northwest Voters Taking Their Time To Cast Votes

Oct 26, 2012

Northwest voters are in study mode. A week and a half before Election Day just 14 percent of Oregon voters had returned their ballot. There don’t appear to be many undecided voters in the presidential race. Chris Lehman spoke to voters in Salem about what it took to decide races further down the ballot.

Oregon voters look to be taking their time in returning their ballots.
Credit Kevin Mooney

Pat Denema: "It seems like every time an election comes up everyone says this is the worst possible situation that we've ever faced before. But I don't notice that there's that much difference, really."

Will Bragg: "Basically I've been paying attention all season and stuff like that, and I probably spent the weekend researching everything before I filled out my ballot, so a fair amount of time. I'd probably say when I sat down at the ballot, from beginning to end over the weekend, was probably about ten hours."

Connie Hayes: "I tend to not listen to the ads at all, and I wish they'd just go away. But I did a lot of reading, so I think I was able to make, I think, some reasonable decisions."

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