Northwest Oregon Counties In Line For Federal Aid, But Will There Be More?

Jun 14, 2012

Cash strapped county budgets got word Thursday, that their annual federal aid check is coming through. But as it stands, this year’s payments in lieu of property taxes could be the last of their kind.

Nearly every county in the Northwest receives at least some money based on their population and how much nontaxable public land is within their borders. The program, called PILT for short expires this year. It’s up to congress to reauthorize it.

Gil Riddell, Policy Coordinator for the Association of Oregon Counties, predicts that despite congressional gridlock, the counties won’t be left out to dry.

Gil Riddell: “Our reading was that it’s a very popular program. And it provides significant revenues for counties in states where the political clout lies in the senate. That’s also very advantageous.”

For decades, many counties have been dependent on this federal aid to support schools, roads, and forest management.

Riddell is also confident in the passage of a separate program called Secure Rural Schools, which hands out even more cash to struggling rural counties.

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