Northwest Music Feature: Y La Bamba

I was lucky enough to catch this Latin-American inspired 6 piece band, last winter here in Pullman, WA at one of our only music venues in town, The Belltower.  At the time, I was listening to their second release, Lupon, with which I had instantly fallen in love.  Lead singer and song writer Luz Elena Mendoza creates the most beautiful and enchanting melodies with accordions, clarinets, shakers, and other percussive instruments.  These Portland, OR natives keep climbing the indie charts with music that reflects a mix of Mendoza’s Mexican heritage and folk.  When I saw Y La Bamba perform live, I was captivated by the way Mendoza’s voice draws you in.  Their music is like nothing I’ve heard before.  She pushes the audience to understand her world and culture through music.  I can’t get enough of this band, so after the show Luz and I sat down for an interview.  Luz, of course, talked about her Mexican heritage, and you can hear the inspiration she draws from it in her music.  She also talked about her spirituality, travels, and how her life experiences have revealed beauty.   I could have listened to Luz’s stories for hours on end. 

After reading about Y La Bamba, I encourage you to take the gorgeousness of their music into your heart and share it.  Their new album Court The Storm, released from Portland-based label, Tender Loving Empire, is equally stunning and well-crafted with original rhythms and melodies. 

NPR just featured a video of Y La Bamba performing for OPB Music. 

You can also stream Court The Storm and read more about Y La Bamba on NPR Music’s website.