Northwest Lawmakers Push Federal Marijuana Bills

Originally published on June 5, 2013 5:03 pm

Some Democrats in the US Congress are pushing measures to bring marijuana dispensaries in the Northwest under the federal tax code. Since federal law prohibits possession and sale of marijuana, dispensaries can't take advantage of any federal tax deductions.

Several members of Congress have introduced legislation that would allow the IRS to recognize pot businesses in states where marijuana is legal. At a press conference in Washington, DC, Oregon Democratic Congressman Earl Blumenauer said current federal law treats people with a state-sanctioned marijuana business as criminals.

“What we’re dealing with now is that we have people who are not drug dealers, not involved with anything illegal. They’re operating legally under the cover of state law who cannot avail themselves to expensing that irrigation system; that they’re going to remodel a facility, it can’t be deducted.”

Washington Democratic Congressman Dennis Heck is joining Blumenauer in the push to make the federal government recognize state marijuana laws. Washington is one of two states to legalize pot for recreational purposes. Oregon allows it for medicinal use.

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