Northwest Lawmaker Remains Undecided On Syria Vote

Sep 11, 2013
Originally published on September 11, 2013 4:36 pm

President Obama’s national address on intervention in Syria doesn’t seem to have changed many minds in Congress; at least not in the Northwest congressional delegation.

Many of them have received classified briefings on the conflict and are now waiting to see if the administration can negotiate a non-military solution. Washington state Democratic Congressman Rick Larsen says he's still on the fence about whether to support a military operation.

“I’m undecided," he says. "Last week I was leaning yes, and then flew back and went through some classifieds and came really more to neutral because there’s so many moving parts. I just really needed to stop and take a break.”

For now, many lawmakers in the nation’s capital are breathing a sigh of relief as the spotlight has been taken off them and turned onto diplomatic circles.

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