Northwest Gets In On Super PAC Action

Feb 1, 2012

In the first election that so-called “super PACs” can collect unlimited money for presidential races, some big spenders from the Northwest are getting in on the action. 

New filings show there are a few large contributions, but also smaller amounts -- and you might be surprised where those dollars went.

The Super PACs reported who gave them $200 or more in filings with the Federal Election Commission. Those reports show the super PACs with some of the most contributors from Washington, Oregon and Idaho support candidates that aren’t even running anymore.

About a dozen gave to the pro-Herman Cain '9-9-9 Fund' and some more gave to comedian Stephen Colbert's 'Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow' super PAC.

Now, keep in mind, that's looking at the number of individuals. Most of the their contributions were less than $500.

If we're talking cash, the pro-Mitt Romney 'Restore Our Future' super PAC won out. It collected $1 million from the Idaho Falls-based household and skin care products maker Melaleuca. The company’s CEO is a fellow Brigham Young University grad and a financial chairman in the Romney campaign.

Of course, Northwest residents also contributed directly to the presidential contenders, where the limit is $2,500. Of all the candidates, President Obama drew the most money from the region.

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